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A Purchasing Checklist

Integrating new storage racks in Pomona can greatly improve your business’ storage, shipping methods, or even just organization.  They can be installed in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials. Thus, warehouse systems can benefit businesses of any size.  Below is a checklist you can follow when purchasing a new warehouse system for your Pomona business.

Decide on What Kind of Shelving is Best for Your Products

There are many different options for storage racks in Pomona, and what’s right for you depends entirely on what your product is and how it needs to be stored.  Many small businesses don’t require full-sized pallet racks, but if their products are large, the just might. The point is, that there are always exceptions, and you need to find what works for you.  Visit our website to check out our vast selection of storage racks or call us at 909-625-5461 for a free consultation.

Wire Mesh Guards

Some racking systems are equipped with wire mesh guards, which are installed across the back of each shelf.  These prevent items from slipping off the back of a shelf, and thus, give a little bit of extra storage room.  They are ideal for businesses that store a lot of small items on pallets and racks.

Chrome Wire Shelving

These shelves are an alternative to full-sized pallet racks.  Instead, they are a little over a foot deep and are usually about 74” tall.  They are ideal for businesses that need to store small items. The chrome wire spacing ensures that no items can slip through, as they might on shelves that are too big.

Consider Mobile Work Centers

Do you have equipment that needs to be in different places throughout the day?  If so, then you should consider purchasing a mobile work center. There are some that are similar to toolboxes so that materials that are frequently used can be transported easily.  There are also some that can house laptops, computers, and other machinery, that can boost workplace efficiency. These are ideal for larger warehouses.

Do You Need Safety Cabinets?

There are safety cabinets for both liquid and flammable items.  Once again, depending on what your products are, you might want to consider them.  For example, if you have liquid products stored next to other dry products, and the liquid products leaks, you run the risk of ruining the packaging of or even the dry products themselves.  For this reason, containment is a good idea.

Whatever your storage needs may be, Swedlows can help.  For over 60 years, we’ve been distributing the best warehouse systems in Pomona, so it’s safe to say that we know the ropes.  Visit our website to check out our other products and to keep track of our special offers.  At Swedlows, your satisfaction is our guarantee.

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