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There are a plethora of choices for storage and filing furniture in Ontario.  The best way to narrow down those options to something that works for you is to consider what your needs are.  Swedlows Distributors provides the checklist below to help you through the process of purchasing new storage and filing furniture. The following points are all things you should consider to ensure that you purchase furniture that is perfect for you and your business.  

Filing Cabinet Styles

There are two main styles of filing cabinets, vertical and lateral, so you have options when you are trying to clear space for one.  It is extremely helpful to know the difference between the two so that you can decide which might work best for you.

Vertical Filing Cabinets

Vertical file cabinets are, you guessed it, stacked vertically, usually in singular columns.  These are the most versatile since multiple units can be lined up next to each other for additional storage space.  They can also be placed around corners or into different shapes accordingly.

Lateral Storage Furniture

Lateral filing furniture is often shorter than vertical cabinets and is much wider.  They can either be used to store larger contents, such as blueprints, tools, etc., or dividers can be installed and they can hold files.  They do, however, take up more wall space.

Is Security a Priority?

The first thing that you should consider is whether or not security is a big priority for you.  If you work from home and trust that your files will be safe, then you might choose to go with a less secure and thus, less expensive piece.  However, if the items you are storing require high-security, then you should absolutely invest in a secure, durable storage cabinet. Knowing what type of security you require will help you narrow down your search for storage & filing furniture drastically.  


Make sure that you still have convenient access to the contents in your new furniture piece.  It can be a sturdy lock system that you have a key for. Also, double-check that the drawers slide out smoothly, you should never have any trouble accessing your files.  Last, make sure that there is enough room for your furniture drawers to slide out completely.

Does it Fit?

You must be sure that it will fit well in the space that you have designated for it.  It would be impractical to position a file cabinet next to furniture that it can’t be opened all the way.  Make sure that there is plenty of room around it.

For over 60 years, Swedlows has supplied Ontario with top-quality storage and filing furniture.  We are a family-run business that provides personalized service but also carries a vast selection of office furniture.  We also offer same-day delivery on most local orders. Check out our Online Shop or give us a call at 909-625-5461!

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