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The easiest way to improve your business is to purchase new office furniture in Jurupa Valley that suits your needs. Many businesses suffer from outdated furniture and don’t utilize their space to its full potential. This sort of office breeds low morale for employees and hurts the business in the long run. That’s why Swedlows is here to help however we can. It is our goal to provide you with the best office furniture designed to suit the needs of your business. We’ve provided Jurupa Valley with this service for over 60 years. We can make sure that your office space is optimized for maximum efficiency so that your business can thrive.

1) Purchase Office Furniture that Supports Collaboration

In the modern office, it is imperative that employees have a space for collaborative work. Nowadays, even the most solitary jobs usually require one to work jointly with a coworker on occasion. In particular, small offices with only one conference room may run into problems with employees not being able to easily schedule a time to meet in it for short periods of time. However, designating small spots around the office as collaborative spaces will make employees feel more comfortable within the office and will make time for group activities much more abundant. We provide both conference tables and benching systems in multiple dimensions to accommodate any space or group size.

2) Break Rooms Should Be Rejuvenating

The break room of your office is a place for your employees to relax and rejuvenate. Thus, you should be some extra thought, time, and effort into designing it, so that it is truly an enjoyable room to be in. First, utilize large group tables that will encourage your employees to sit and eat together. This alone will strengthen the relationships between your employees and benefit your business in the long run. Make sure that the break room is divided from the rest of the office clearly. When your employees are on their breaks they should feel like they are in an entirely different place from the office. You should also consider having a bit more fun with the paint in this room. Perhaps paint one wall a bright color. Hang some pictures on the walls or maybe even install a television.

3) Organization is Important

Utilizing office space is important in both big and small offices alike. However, small offices require more creativity in doing so. Office furniture professionals at Swedlows are here to help with this problem. First of all, one should consider using tall and narrow furniture wherever they can. This will provide the biggest amount of storage space while taking up the least amount of floor space. Bookshelves, file cabinets, and even some desks can be designed to function in such away. Another way to utilize office space efficiently is to use the space under desks. Cabinets and shelves can be installed under one’s desk in order to optimize space efficiency. Small consolidations such as these will give your office much more space in the long run.

4) Provide Some Privacy

Swedlows offers the best choices in cubicles and office paneling, to provide your workspace with the proper amount of privacy for meetings and solitary work. We offer panels and connectors in various sizes and configurations so we can customize a system that works perfectly for your office. We can design a layout with our CAD system prior to installation to confirm that you are satisfied before the work is done. This process leads to a very quick and easy installation, which we guarantee you will be pleased with. We also offer pre-designed cubicle systems if you only desire a basic setup. Lastly, we offer privacy panels for individual desks, for a singular level of privacy. Whatever your needs for office privacy are, Swedlows can provide you with direct and efficient service.

5) Design First with CAD

Wouldn’t it be a shame to choose office furniture and have it installed, only to discover that it doesn’t work for you? This could double or even triple the time required to set up your new office… and it’s how many office furniture suppliers work. However, Swedlows has been working much more efficiently for well over half a century. We design your office layout and get your approval before we install anything. Now, in the 21st century, we are also able to speed up this process by utilizing CAD software to design a system that works for you. We provide the best CAD services in Jurupa Valley in order to assist with all of your office furniture needs. At Swedlows, we ensure that you will be pleased with our speedy, efficient, and genuine services.

Jurupa Valley Office Furniture CAD Drawings

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